Stage of your Tinnitus

The stage of your Tinnitus is deeply concerning.

  • Duration: DURATION
  • Frequency: FREQUENCY
  • Highest intensity: DT
  • Incidence: ei
  • Hearing Loss: No
  • Memory Loss: No
  • Phantom Noise: PN

Your Personal Prescription, by Dr. Mark Miller, MD (Neurology Department at NYU)

There are several options not very effective to control Tinnitus, but my patients (and my colleagues’ patients) with the same diagnosis as you have had astonishing results with this clinically proven 1-Min method that acts extremely fast and focus on the real root cause of your Tinnitus.

Even if you’ve tried many different ways and nothing seems to work or even if you’ve been told that nothing can be done, according to your diagnosis, I’m 100% sure that this method is the perfect match for you and it would completely remove your Tinnitus while reversing the current brain deterioration.

Taking into account the urgency of your diagnosis, you must check this 1-Min Method to end your Tinnitus from home starting today:

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About Dr. Mark Miller

Dr. Mark Miller is a board-certified general neurologist specializing in Tinnitus. Over the course of his career, Dr. Mark has worked in private practice at Soho Medical and in the neurology departments at NYU and Mount Sinai Downtown. He has numerous publications on Tinnitus, Memory Loss, and Hearing Loss. He has been chosen as a Super Doctor in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2019 and 2020.